Auf... E.P.

Chris Liebing

Record label
Catalog Number
CLR 027
Release Date
June 10th 2009


A1Auf Und Ab10:00
B1Auf Und Davon13:00

CLR celebrates its 10th anniversary and founder Chris Liebing is back on his renowned imprint with a truly worthy release. It seems as if the times of experimentation are over and Chris finally masters his very own style. In terms of quality these tracks are probably the best productions he ever made. The sound architecture is reduced to the absolute necessary, incredibly big and warm sounding, using each single frequency in the most efficient way. The individual elements shine with clarity and force. There is not one single indispensable sound or random effect. The arrangements are extended, giving loads of room for the atmosphere and tension to slowly build. CLR 27 consists of two main tracks and five tools. It is simply the essence of what Techno nowadays means to Chris Liebing. An honest approach beyond trends and hypes. All in all it sounds like the hardearned masterpiece of a producer who found his center and finally does what he always wanted to do. His incessant quest for the best possible sound has brought him to this point and his pioneering work with the tool versions of his tracks makes his music especially attractive for djs worldwide. CLR 27 is a generous package and shows where Chris Liebing is heading with his wellestablished CLR label. All under the motto: Create, Learn, Realize!