Sarah / Stolen Hearts

Mutt & Dave Whalen / Gerwin & Nuage

Record label
Celsius Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 28th 2011


A1SarahMutt & Dave Whalen5:55
B1Stolen HeartsGerwin & Nuage5:57

The new CLS018 by Mutt, Dave Whalen, Gerwin & Nuage is a real sampleheavy gem. The A side ''Sarah'' by Mutt and Dave Whalen is a real liquid burner with a a sample from the legendary Hall and Oates. With nice placed basses and drums to back the sample up, this is one to easily recieve sunday afternoon radioplay. The B side ''Stolen Hearts'' by Gerwin and Nuage is a somewhat more emotive one. With a real balanced sound and deep piano chords this is a real deep one. Notice how a jazzy trumpet sometimes comes in and fades again. Really musical.