Arrival EP

Yan Cook

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 14th 2017


A2Grey Layers6:53

Ukrainian Techno ambassador Yan Cook finally opened an outlet to showcase his most advance works to date. Cooked is a label created to find a home for Yan's most adventurous endavours in music. The first effort within the series of (hopefully) many releases consists out of four bold techno cuts that are for dancefloor crusadors and Techno afficionado's alike. Arrival EP opens up with the ecstatic sounds of 'Twisted'. On this track, analog sounding synths collide with heavy machine drums. ''Grey Layers'' is a dark cut that uses original FX and will definitely work after hours settings. Falcon is an intrusive piece of sci-fi techno that revolves around a bulky synth lead and firm drum patterns. Arrival is an otherworldly cut that thrills throughout.