Acid Life EP

D. Carbone

Record label
Carbone Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 16th 2016


A1MarzahnD. Carbone Meets Gaja4:02
A2ShoutD. Carbone5:06
B1Acid Should BeD. Carbone5:44
B2Acid's DesireD. Carbone5:26

Carbone Records has been created as a platform for D Carbone's own powerful productions and for new collaborative projects. Carbon as an element represents darkness and energy which represents the concept and the sound of the label. The aim is to focus on a no compromise, raw, acid techno sound of the 90's. A1 On the First Track D Carbone meets Gaja. Marzahn offers the right mix between the powerful and raw sound of D Carbone without losing that funky Chicago swing and Detroit groove that only Gaja can do. A2 The second track Shout, Vocal screams bring evoking thoughts of free minds and bodies.. A powerful acid bassline and resonant background textures give anxious states of mind, with a cathartic approach of visualizing freedom. B1 Acid Should be, It's not just a way to name a track, It's desire's expression of the soul. A powerful kick drum, with a subtle message of psychedelic nostalgia from warehouse rave parties. 303 baselines envelope around 909 drum machines and acid vocals. B2 Acid's Desire the slowest track on the Ep, Acid Life closes with the concrete message that acid is about communication of sound not related to the tempo, but to the vibe and the feeling that it represents.