Original Sin / The Crest


Record label
Critical Music
Catalog Number
CRIT 039
Release Date
May 25th 2009


A1Original Sin
B1The Crest

Critical unveil another heavyweight slice of forward-thinking music form one of the most versatile nu-skool producers around at the moment, Sabre, in what serves as a taster for his forthcoming album later this year. Make no mistake Original Sin is a far cry from the sounds of the artist by the same name, as Sabre draws us in for a deep, deep journey into the leftfield. Glitched up to the max with elements of trip-hop and techno this is a glorious track with lush vocals from Tuere that shows the D&B boundaries being pushed yet further into the mystic. A great example of a producer exploring his studio with stunning results. The Crest is a little more straight down the line but still retains Sabres experimental edge with a haunting beatless intro of sinister pads, string sweeps, chimes and dark fx. When the break does finally drop in though it drives itself along with thudding kicks and a sure sense of urgency thats reflected by the undulating b-line that rolls right up to the end. Classy stuff. Certainly not a dance floor smasher but instead a release thats destined for the real music fans record collection and the boxes of the likes of D Bridge, Goldie and Commix.