Pripyat EP

Piezo & Clearlight

Record label
Circle Vision
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 16th 2015


A1Pripyat DubPiezo & Clearlight6:06
B1Fallen SoulClearlight5:36
B2Here Comes the Toxic RainPiezo7:55

'Italian Piezo and belgian Clearlight join forces on this five-track EP for the danish vinyl-only imprint Circle Vision. Despite none of them being born in eastern europe, this release has a post-soviet touch: the EP tells the story of the Chernovbil nuclear disaster and its aftermaths on the near town of Pripyat (now a ghost city) with a unique approach to dub and bass music, characterized by a meticulous use of sound-design. The weird euphory of 'Pripyat Dub' is followed by a dark storm of destruction on 'Scourge'. The spirits of the victims cavort on a spastic tribal rhythm ('Fallen Soul'), while an acid rain starts falling and floods Pripyat ('Here Comes the Toxic Rain'): its dubby ethereal melody anticipates the final re-birth, described by the soundscape climax of 'Punharbava'.