Planetary Sound Fiction [full colour sleeve / 180 grams / incl. download card]


Record label
Circle Vision
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 20th 2020


X2TuffRDG feat. Rider Shafique4:08
X3Be YouRDG4:41
XX2Can't HideRDG feat. Killa P4:27
XX4A NumberRDG feat. K Man4:41
Y1RoarRDG feat. Monti4:48
Y3Third EyeRDG5:18
YY1LemonRDG feat. Ill Chill5:27
YY2ChannelizedRDG feat. Yaa Aisin4:21
YY3F#@! All YaRDG4:03

Circle Vision proudly presents the anticipated debut album of Copenhagen producer and label head RDG aka. Ruben Nielsen. "Planetary Sound Fiction" marks the Danish label's 10th release with a subbed-out panoramic trip deep into the current state and future of bass music, with sound allies Killa P, Rider Shafique, K Man, Ill Chill, Monti and Yaa Aisin all complementing the hands and ears of the accomplished Danish producer throughout the album. Drawing on experience from decades of DJing, musical production, sound engineering and intergalactic excursions, RDG has thoroughly matured his undeniable skill of orbiting and perfectly blending the dimensions of jungle, dubstep, techno, DnB, experimental, leftfield and downtempo music into a coherent and captivating sonic journey. Following more than 25 EP releases over the past 10 years, "Planetary Sound Fiction" is by far RDG's most exhaustive work to date and presents a sound, encompassing anything else released by the Danish producer so far.