Massive Waves / PMOW

The Advent & Industrialyzer

Record label
Code Works Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 20th 2011


A1Massive Waves

Side A, 'Massive Waves' formulating a sound we know these two producers for. Energetic, and distinctive, this track is electrifying and without too much fuss heading into a large breakdown, with pitch bending synths that wind up to the announcement. 'Can I have your attention please?!' No problem mate, you've already got it! There are fluttering bouncy synths running over agile and evocative loops and riffs. The lows are nothing less than expected and here we have one more essential selection added to the Codeworks collection. 'PMOW' starts straight bang in the action. A couple of small breaks and a stomping bass and kick drum. The spot on percussion and the panned fx are what grabs you here and the distinctive singled out synth reverb-ing out in contrast, leading to a track with depth, width and height. An eerie break down followed by a similarly intriguing and dark beat compose an all in all timeless track. Hints from the roots and those modern and engaging sounds all thrown in here. CW goldust.