Desert Storm / Spacecraft

Catacomb / N-Phonix & Enei

Record label
Cyanide Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 1st 2008


A1Desert StormCatacomb
B1SpacecraftN-Phonix & Enei

Cyanide Recordings has snatched up another Catacomb gem. This time, the rugged, high energy rocker 'Desert Storm'. Spawned from the realm of the underground, Catacomb has quickly infected the globe with a steady increase in potent complex and destructive beats. Originally a 4 man operation, the descent into the darkness would prove to be too much for some, as one by one, 3 of the 4 founding members withdrew from the expedition. This action left one soul on a lone mission, to further exploration into the ultimate lower depths of the virulent Catacomb. Larry Miller is that soul and the lone keeper of the cryptic beat camp.