Diesel Not Petrol Remix EP

Sukh Knight

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 18th 2020


A1Diesel Not PetrolSukh Knight remix Cimm4:24
B1Diesel Not Petrol VIPSukh Knight3:23
B2ShutdownSukh Knight remix Mystic State6:03

Sukh Knight's DAKU imprint comes strong again with its 3rd vinyl release, this time with some of Sukh's classic tracks getting the remix treatment. The title track is Cimm's much sought after monstrous remix of 'Diesel Not Petrol', with Cimm adding his trademark crisp drums, and extra riffs and stabs to give this classic track a modern vibe. This one has been in constant rotation in both Dubstep & Grime scenes getting instant reloads. On the B-side, finally getting a release after being a treasured dub for 12 years, is the VIP mix of Diesel Not Petrol, this one also still sounding as fresh and heavy as it did all those years ago. To top it all off, Mystic State come with their deep, heavy meditation vibes on the remix of 'Shutdown', guaranteed to take you on a journey. Timeless music!