Bird Of Paradise LP [new artwork sleeve repress]

Count Bobo

Record label
Downbeat Melody
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 21st 2020


A1Lazy Susan
A2Bat Milk
A3Sierra Madre
A5Lunaberry Trail
A6Alphonso Ribelli
B2Desert Robes
B3Egon's Parade
B4Don't Get Left Behind
B6Paul Leslie

Downbeat Melody records is a brand new label operated by Bristol based dj Frankie Downbeat. This label is a side project to the Downbeat Melody Soundsystem owned and operated by Steve Rice. The first release will be a reissuing of "Bird of Paradise" LP , a downbeat musical journey in Rocksteady by "Count Bobo". Count Bobo are a 6 piece group from Bristol playing in the style of early ska and rocksteady. Formed in 2012, they are part of the Bloom collective. Their debut album "Bird of Paradise" was originally released on limited edition 12 inch vinyl in 2015 by the band themselves and mainly sold at live shows. Downbeat Melody proudly presents this quality repress with fresh updated artwork. The album was recorded by their producer Drezz at "The Tape Rooms". As a fully analogue studio, the band was able to record live and straight to tape in an attempt to emulate the records of their early influences. The playing style varies from a traditional Roksteady section into areas closer to Ethiopian Jazz at times as heard in tracks like "Melkor". The album features 11 expertly played instrumental tracks along with one somber haunting vocal track called "Don't Get Left Behind".