Signz [gatefold sleeve]


Record label
Dubquake Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 26th 2020


A1Ina This Ya TimeO.B.F feat. Charlie P & Irah & Killa P
A2Bun The EvilO.B.F feat. Jah Mason
A3I'm An AfricanO.B.F feat. Tippa Irie
A4Party RamO.B.F feat. Sr Wilson
B1Rebel DaawtazO.B.F feat. Aza Lineage
B2BubbleO.B.F feat. Charlie P
B3Bubble O.B.F feat. Shanti D
B4Asian NightO.B.F
B5MusicaO.B.F feat. Belén Natalí & Sr Wilson
C1Driva (No GPS Mix)O.B.F feat. Biga*Ranx & Sr Wilson
C2Water O.B.F feat. Pupa Jim
C3Born Ina FireO.B.F feat. Joseph Lalibela
C4Wagwan O.B.F feat. Charlie P & Killa P
D1Under Pressure (Barricades Mix)O.B.F feat. Biga*Ranx
D3My SoundO.B.F feat. Daddy Freddy & Junior Roy

"Signz" was born two years ago, not with music, but with a concept and a name. The idea was to create an album without paying heed to time, allowing space for creativity and letting chance encounters shape the music. A project that would evolve over its lifetime, without being rushed. Letting the signs reveal themselves over time, and taking advantage of opportunities as they presented themselves, whether on tour, during recording sessions or when travelling. This approach, a relationship with the present moment and the feeling more simply known as the "vibe", defines the album. But beyond that, it's been the driving philosophy behind O.B.F. since they started making music.