Those Were The Days


Record label
Deathchant Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 18th 2012


A1Those Were The Days7:29
B1Devastator Dominator5:11
B2Limp Glitchkit4:36

The new Deathchant Records is now available through Audio Sickness Distribution. Legendary record label Deathchant Records kicks in its 64 the main catalogue release! And who better to return to Deathchant then the legendary DJ Dolphin! Order this vicious release right now and as many as you can, this record will sell quick! The A-side contains the monstrous track 'Those Were The Days'. This track has been played all over the world and has massive DJ support by all the big artists like Hellfish, DJ Producer, Akira, Drokz, Bryan Fury and many many more. Those Were The Days is a setback to the history of Dolphin on Deathchant Records and is basicly a megamix of various past release hits by DJ Dolphin blended into a nice newschool package. Absolute party destroyer, nobody can stand still on this 210 BPM monster! The B-side features two 200 BPM tracks. B1 is entitled 'Devestator Dominator' which brings back the HipHop to Deathchant Records combined with vicious kicks and quality breakbeats. Dolphin represents what Deathchant does best! B2 basically does the same in an original glitchy way! This track is entitled Limp Glitchkit. As said before this release will go very fast so it's best to stock now!