Fully Weaponized Hellfish Battle Beats Vol 1


Record label
Deathchant Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 13th 2013


A1Crack Wars (Toilet Wars Reboil)5:16
A2Techno City 20134:51
B1F Bomb Megamix8:42
B2Boost the Dub3:32

Booom! The first Deathchant in 2013 by DJ Hellfish. Entitled: 'Fully Weaponized Hellfish Battle Beats Vol. 1'. No shit. This release is just fucking mental. Deathchant 066 brings back the oldschool Deathchant feeling in a 2013 sleeve. The release starts off with a wikid remix of Toilet Wars entitled: 'Crack Wars'. You say coke; I say cane, faarrrrked up! 2013 Reboil of DJ Hellfish's Toilet Wars. Amongst on the A-side there is a 2013 of Techno City. Teeeechno Cityyy! Hardcore from the past blasting that creates a 2013 vibe. Another well produced remix of an oldie by the Fish. B-side features the F Bomb Megamix and Boost the Dub. Fuck Bomb Megamix burys any dancefloor possible. Boost The Dub got the Bells to Boost the Dose! Check it out!