Dispatch Dubplate 009 [180 Grams]

DLR / Script / Scar

Record label
Dispatch Dubplate
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 1st 2017


A1This Is Bristol…DLR & Script
B2Burnside VIPScar

Approaching double figures in our Dispatch Dubplate series, #9 features DLR, Script & SCAR. Following countless ID requests, the long wait is over for This Is Bristol... , another classic DLR & Script collab and a coveted dubplate held by a select few over the past few years. Script also returns as SCAR along with Survival the duo first formed on Dispatch revisit their debut release, shaking the foundations with the mechanical lashings of Burnside VIP . A limited run of 100 hand stamped, signed and numbered heavyweight vinyl copies are available; featuring an exclusive DLR track Antisocial which will not be retailed digitally.