Dub Central / Only One Way Out

Quadrant & NC-17

Record label
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Release Date
October 3rd 2016


A1Dub CentralQuadrant & NC-17
B1Only One Way OutNC-17

Continuing an impressive start to 2016 on Dispatch LTD, our next installment comes from the other side of the Atlantic, as Seattle based Quadrant collaborates with Canadian producer NC-17. Comprised of three tracks, each artist demonstrates their own technical prowess and Quadrant's familiar super tight rolling drums are met by NC-17's tactful sub bass manipulation. An almighty fusion of forces sets the release off 'Dub Central' is a merciless assault; a regular feature in the sets of DLR & Ant TC1, it is immaculately crafted for the dancefloor. In a solo effort, NC-17 goes deep to give us 'Only One Way Out' a weighty roller and certified weapon for any discerning sound system; a lethal journey into the lower frequencies. For the final track, the duo return together in 'Living a Lie'. Concrete drum work combines with heavy bassline pressure, as light atmospherics contrast to break up the intensity.