Oblivion / Ocean Catch

Psidream / Rregula & Dementia

Record label
Disturbed Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 19th 2008


B1Ocean CatchRregula & Dementia

Twisted, deranged, insane, mental.. Disturbed has deliverd al 4 on this platter of mass destruction.. Psidream, Rregula & Dementia are up this time to tear the dancefloors a new one with 2 these massive floor rumblers! first its psidreams oblivion thats standing up between all the neuro madness to show that the dirt is still alive and has gotten an upgrade.. Raw filthy & nasty! The flip holds Rregula & Dementia with their collaboration called Ocean Catch.. a gritty smacker rolls like 4x4 truck on a dirt road. Definitely a wonderfull addition to the new disturbed catalogue!