Life On Earth / Insecticide

Rregula & Dementia / Proktah feat. Future Signal

Record label
Disturbed Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 19th 2009


A1Life On EarthRregula & Dementia
B1InsecticideProktah & Future Signal

Hold on to your seats people.. Cause Disturbed returns with another release that will rock your world... No 020 sees the return of Rregula & Dementia.. 2 Faces that we allready know pretty good on the label and again they deliver a filth injected steamroller of A track called Life On Earth.. The menacing breakdown sounds so devastating that no one dares to stand in its way.. Flip it over for Proktah & Future Signal.. a combination we never seen before yet their tune Insecticide is heavier then a 400 ton container. Feel these basslines smash in your face but hold on to your teeth cause youll need them to sink em into this release!