Overfiend / BattleAxe

Fortress & Catacomb

Record label
Disturbed Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 21st 2010



Twisted.. Nauseating... Disgusting Dnb is what you get when you combine Catacomb with Subtone & Stalker.. This deranged trio has concocted 2 filthy tracks going by the names of Overfiend & BattleAxe just for Disturbed... and they weren't joking.. Just listen to the insanity they have unleashed.. Overfiend is a serious psychotic roller that will have you in a straight jacket in no time.. Get ready to be forced into positions you never knew you could cause this one will get you freaking mentally as well as physically.. BattleAxe is exactly what you'd expect from a tune with such a name.. Like a horde of angry vikings this one creeps up... And pummels you in one foul swoop into a pit of nothingness.. You never had a chance to begin with...