Seven Stitches / Groundhog


Record label
Division Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 18th 2008


A1Seven Stitches 7:38

After the phenomenal success of their first release Yellow Brick/Raar, Division Recordings has been established as a label providing new innovative sounds with boundless potential in every genre. Yellow Brick has gone on to become a worldwide smasher, getting plays from names such as Benny Benassi, MSTRKRFT and the stable of Radio 1 DJs. Now Noisia are ready to present the next installment of Division: Seven Stiches/Groundhog. While Division Recordings was born out of need to represent the other sides to Noisia's production output make no mistake, Division is shaping up to be a label on point with both what's current and what is to come. As for the tunes, Seven Stitches is a slice of electric heaven, a veritable fighter pilot performing synth acrobatics and bound to hit your G-force ;) An appropriate follow up to the bending craziness of Yellow Brick, Seven Stiches was initially commissioned for Wipeout Pulse (PSP). Sony loved it so much they decided to also feature it in the Wipeout HD (PS3) game too. A tune diverse enough to satisfy on every level, throw it down amongst friends or up on stage but be sure to make it LOUD. Groundhog on the flip is pure party music with thumping rhythms and jagged funk riffs bound to get any clubspace jumping. Add a little soul and mix with some bump'n'grind & Bob's Your Uncle, you have Groundhog. It can also be heard in the forthcoming game Motorstorm 2 (PS3).