Mordez Moi / B.R.U.L.

Feed Me / Noisia

Record label
Division Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 17th 2008


A1Mordez MoiFeed Me6:22

Noisia and a new project from super hot Drum & Bass producer Spor,(Feed Me) take each side of this demented 12. Delving into the darker, twisted side of Electro/Techno. Big thrashy synths and crazy production fill these tracks with an air of insanity. Both tracks have been causing serious damage in festivals the world and featured on Noisias Fabric Mix CD. Some consider this style a religious experience, others consider it a cardiovascular workout, its safe to say you will be liberated from a world of mundane Electro trash. This yet another an amazing release from Noisia and Division as they take electro breaks to a whole other level