Record label
Delusive Manoeuvres
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 30th 2016


A1DM1.1Delusive Manoeuvres
A2DM1.1Delusive Manoeuvres remix Raffaele Attanasio
B1DM1.2Delusive Manoeuvres
B2DM1.2Delusive Manoeuvres remix Sleeparchive
C1DM2.1Delusive Manoeuvres
C2DM2.2Delusive Manoeuvres
D1DM2.1Delusive Manoeuvres remix Stanislav Tolkachev
D2DM2.1Delusive Manoeuvres remix Stefan Vincent

In most tactical manoeuvres, there is an obvious greater goal which people want to achieve. Delusive Manoeuvres are different. What you perceive is what they want you the perceive. What you think is their goal, might be a delusion and mislead you into that unreal direction they want you. They are in control. Or.. Aren't they? ---