Various Artists 001

Wrong Assessment / Rommek / Fabrizio Lapiana / Deepbass

Record label
Disconnekt Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 12th 2019


A1UnratedWrong Assessment5:01
B1MayFabrizio Lapiana6:16

For the inauguration of the label, Disconnekt brings you a fine selection of artists that have played in the event series based in Berlin. Trying to catch a specific moment of those nights, each one of them from a different artist, each one of them with a different sound, this VA compilation features well-established techno producers Wrong Assessment, Rommek, Fabrizio Lapiana and Deepbass. The A-side represents the darker and harder side of the Disconnekt nights, with Wrong Assessment delivering an up-front dance floor killer, and Rommek evoking the feeling of self-immersion inside an evolving, but aggressive synth-line driven by a hard hitting groove. The B-side, on the other hand, brings a more melodic and hypnotic side. Fabrizio Lapiana and Deepbass both bring to the record their signature sound, with their own characteristic voice.