Steady Eddie EP


Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 30th 2016


A1Steady Eddie
B1Moody Runt

A withstanding imprint amongst the veteran style riddims of drum & bass, Dread Recordings is back with another EP to whet your old-school appetite. Leading the charge is Digital, an unparalleled artist with a dignified reputation. With 'Steady Eddie' he reaffirms this position between every jungle break. An atmospheric sonic soundscape emerges throughout opening track 'Steady Eddie', one littered with clanking breakdowns. Underpinned by shaking sub and pounding kick, you're taken through a journey back in time; reminiscent of the earlier days, yet still etching out a contemporary flare. It serves as a signpost for what's to come, highlighting Dread's unbridled commitment to antiquity. 'Moody Runt' on the other hand comes at you with a lower frequency and floating samples. Introduced with blaring air horn, clinking hi-hats and a conveyor belt of drum patterns carry you forward. Cleverly cut up by stabbing beats, ethereal notes sift between its sheets. Rising and falling between each break, this adds to an even deeper feeling of unease. It's a trippy time machine, one which perfectly epitomises Digital's ingenuity.