Hate Is Love

Paul Boex / Oscar Mulero

Record label
Dynamic Reflection
Catalog Number
DREF 005
Release Date
March 29th 2010


A1Hate Is LovePaul Boex remix Oscar Mulero
A2Hate Is LovePaul Boex
B1Cybersluts Paul Boex
B2Iron CurtainOscar Mulero

Once again another masterpiece from the Dynamic Reflection squad in your face! This time it's up to Mr. Dynamic Reflection himself, Paul Boex and his biggest inspiration Oscar Mulero! Mulero has proved himself over and over again with amazing dancefloor killers, such as some of his recent remixes for Grovskopa and Kike Pravda on his own imprint, Warm Up Recordings. On this he takes the title track 'Paul Boex - Hate is Love' for his account, which resulted in of course... another masterpiece from the Spanish maestro! The original is a little more reserved by using a beautiful soundscape through the whole track and takes you away on an interesting journey. Cybersluts is more like an uplifting Detroit influenced track which will work perfectly on the dancefloor. Great work by this young talented rookie, let's pray for more of this stuff. With 'Iron Curtain' Oscar shows us a different side of Mulero. He's always developing himself and searching for interesting new things to bring back in his music. With this tune, he nailed it once again... we call it modern techno with one leg in the past. All 'n all a superior release by this young kid and the Spanish maestro. Let's pray for more of this pure quality stuff and keep our eyes on the the future. The scene need more labels like this which reflects the current techno movement and promises loads more of that sweet stuff in days to come...