Form and Function Pt. 2

Abstract Division

Record label
Dynamic Reflection
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 28th 2011


A1Floating Point6:23
A2Floating Point (Delta Funktionen Remix)6:29
B1Shifted Reality (Ben Sims Remix)6:54
B2Magnetic Field3:26

Abstract Division returns with the second addition to their 'Form and Function' series on Dynamic Reflection. Similar to the first release, Part II also features two original tracks and two remixes, this time around by none other than Delta Funktionen and Ben Sims. Kicking off the EP is the original version of 'Floating Point', which vividly sets the stage for all that follows. Firmly rooted in contemporary techno Abstract Division unveils a prime example of a record that succeeds at finding the precise balance between a modern stripped, glooming sound and the spacey hihat and bell-driven touches of old. Elegant and deadly effective stomping funk from start to finish is the result. Dancefloor hypnosis guaranteed! Delta Funktionen presents his take on 'Floating Point' and delivers a stunning remix, exhibiting his skill at extracting the perfect elements and shaping something both instantly recognizable, yet powerfully contrasting from them. The result is a constantly moving track, rich in textures and subtle interplaying sounds. Ideally suited as an early drop in a peaktime set or alternatively as a special treat at the end of a dubby journey. Pure class. Adding even more value to this already impressive EP is one of techno's finest. Taking on 'Shifted Reality' from the first release in the 'Form and Function' series, Ben Sims unleashes an absolute pounder. In trademark Sims fashion the drive put down by this remix is simply relentless, leaving the original to be neatly spotted in those rare moments of almost rewarding calm. Brilliantly uncomplicated, raw techno for those looking to properly tear a venue to pieces. Sealing the deal is Abstract Division's electronica piece 'Magnetic Field'. A rare, introvert piece of music that wouldn't have been out of place on a great movie or videogame soundtrack. Entrancing, warping drones, every now and then accented by distant sounds of an approaching battle or impending doom. Aiming to open or end with something out of the ordinary? Look no further. 'Form and Function' Part II picks up where Part I left off and does so perfectly. With outstanding remixes from Delta Funktionen and Ben Sims and two equally great, carefully crafted original tracks by Abstract Division the bar set for Part III is a high one indeed. Luckily however, Dynamic Reflection doesn't know how to aim low.