Abuse Of Distortion EP

D. Carbone

Record label
Dynamic Reflection
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 30th 2012


A1Abuse 6:25
A2Abuse (Go Hiyama Remix)remix Go Hiyama6:53
B1Abnormal Distortion10:54

After the successful release of the 'Form and Function' series from Abstract Division, which included remixes from the likes of Delta Funktionen, Ben Sims, Milton Bradley, Mike Parker and Norman Nodge, Dynamic Reflection continues its slow but steady ascent to the highest regions of label-land with its twelfth release to date. Two original tracks from D. Carbone, one of Italy's finest producers and label owner of REPITCH, and an accompanying remix from Japanese legend Go Hiyama. This EP is only the first of many more first class material Dynamic Reflection will be putting out in 2012. First up is 'Abuse', which might just be a reference to the process D. Carbone decided to put his machinery through when making it. Immediately greeted by a kick that could shatter concrete, Abuse meticulously adds layer upon layer of distorted sounds, eventually reaching a wonderful peak . The final result is an absolute sledgehammer techno track that should do very well in the sets of those who like to roughen it up for quite a while. On remix duty we find Japanese legend Go Hiyama who contributes a different impression of 'Abuse' to the package. Keeping the distant pads intact and forcing the distortion to the background somewhat, Hiyama shuffles the track's rhythm around elegantly. Percussion hammering on top of a broken beat and an addition of a single vocal stab keep the original's groove fully intact despite taking out some of its aggression and replacing it with a touch of subtlety. The release is completed by 'Abnormal Distortion', a track that shows D. Carbone likes to speak his mind when it comes to track titles. Factory sounds, shuffled hihats and gritty kicks fight for dominance in a minefield of distortion. It's hard not to feel sorry for all the sound systems out there that will undoubtedly be having to put up with this monster real soon. It's only February and Dynamic Reflection already makes it presence known in 2012. Many more things will follow that, besides hopefully making this year into a special one for the label, will undoubtedly fill crates everywhere with proper techno.