Time and Perception Pt.3

Abstract Division

Record label
Dynamic Reflection
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 24th 2013


A1Modal Realism [Analog Mixdown] 8:06
B1Modal Realismremix Psyk5:38
B2Solitude [Analog Mixdown] 4:27

Abstract Division unveil the third and final EP of their 'Time and Perception' trilogy! This last one contains two original tracks and a remix from one of the most prominent artists around right now: Psyk! feedback: Adam X - Another Abstract Division track for my sets. Always consistent. Will be dropping Modal Realism in my sets Adriana Lopez - All sound great. Thanks Alan Fitzpatrick - Love the whole package here. AnD Pysk remix and Solitude both are sounding great! Bas Mooy - Modal Realism original for me! Cassegrain - Modal Realism original+remix for us! effective club action. Chris Liebing - Downloading Thks! Darren Quail (Soma) - Another amazing EP. Solitude is quality. Really digging the deep vibes of this. Psyk remix is a typical, straight up monster ! Developer - I like this a lot! Dustin Zahn - Nice EP! Strong originals and a cool very Psyk sounding remix. DVS1 - Honestly...all the tracks are useful. nice EP!! Thanks! Exium - So far like Solitude best, thanks. HD Substance - Awesome pack, psyk does it again Henning Baer - Nice one! Thanks for sending... Inigo Kennedy - Nice variety here. Love the funk of the Psyk Remix. Will play that at the right moment. Invite Modal Realism is my choice. Jeroen Search - Part 3 is fine as well!! psyk rmx and solitude for me on this one. Jonas Kopp - Bomb EP! Juho Kusti - Solid stuff from Abstract Division. All tracks will fit very well into what I do. Great 3-tracker. Thanks! Kevin Arnemann - Great EP, love all three tracks! And Solitude is just beautiful! Kr!z - Psyk rmx isn't really surprising, but as always really effective. Will play. also Max M - Ad Always big releases and complete Really Good The trilogy. Milton Bradley - Good stuff on DR, as always. Ness - The trilogy is completed !!! Another great ep. Norman Nodge - Good techno here, thanks! NX1 - good originals and great remix! Thanks for the promos!! Support! Pacou - Good stuff, as always from DREF :) Par Grindvik - Good stuff! thanks Pfirter - Nice package in here, will test them all thanks. Phase - All sound great. Thanks Ritzi Lee - Psyk remix rocks!!!! Rolando - Psyk remix is the one. Will definitely play this one out!!! Samuli Kemppi - Really like all tracks. Will play for sure. Thanks Speedy J - Downloading, thnks will test. Svreca - Solid EP Tim Wolff - Quality as always from the DREF. Psyk remix takes the cake! Tommy Four Seven - A1 + B1 are sure players! thanks Tracy - Wow, great ep! Solitude it's my fav! Truncate - Psyk remix for me thnx Unbalance - Thanks, will try Psyk remix definitely Victor Martinez - Nice stuff!! Full Support like b2. good stuff. Already supported by Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann and Marcel Fengler for a while.