Metropolis EP

Abstract Division

Record label
Dynamic Reflection
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 22nd 2015


A1MetropolisAbstract Division7:16
A2MetropolisAbstract Division remix Trolley Route6:37
B1MetropolisAbstract Division remix Function5:54
B2MetropolisAbstract Division remix Marcel Fengler6:18

Motor City. The Home of Hi-Tek Soul. Or simply, the Origin. Just a few of the names with which to descibe a city in the heart of America that has the power to captivate one's imagination. In the early 20th century it revolutionized transport, ushered in an age of previously unknown mobility and became the automotive capital of the world. During the '60s it gave us Motown, one of the most influential R&B and soul record labels to ever exist. And, before the turn of the millennium, it would bring forth another musical revolution: the one called techno music. To Abstract Division, the city of Detroit and its artists are a major source of inspiration. As such, they decided their newest Metropolis EP was to be an hommage, a means of giving back. This special package includes an original track that keeps close to the spirit of melodic, rhythmic, minimalism Detroit is known for. It also features three very special remixes by close friends Oscar Mulero - under his Trolley Route alias (which he hasn't released music under since 2010) - Function, who ups the darker ante and Marcel Fengler who infuses it with his trademark Berlin funk.