Identity Matrix EP

Jeroen Search

Record label
Dynamic Reflection
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 29th 2016


A2Mirror Image7:00
B1Base Point5:06
B2Identity Matrix7:27

An Identity Matrix can be described as a special linear matrix in which all the right variables align to create a unique state of balance. An efficient, yet elegant equation, serving as a stable truth, on which new ideas can be founded a perfect analogy to the signature sound and philosophy that have made Jeroen Search one of the most sought after underground techno producers of this day. With four powerful tracks, all drenched in the signature analog Search-sound, the Identity Matrix EP delivers yet another timeless contribution to the Dynamic Reflection catalog. With the A-side featuring two driving dancefloor-oriented cuts, and the B-side exploring the more futuristic sounds of tomorrow, the Identity Matrix EP skillfully balances itself between tradition and innovation.