Kamaji EP

Wrong Assessment

Record label
Dynamic Reflection
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 12th 2019


A1KamajiWrong Assessment7:30
A2KamajiWrong Assessment remix Shifted5:29
B1HeartthrobWrong Assessment6:05
B2GrindadrapWrong Assessment5:17

Italian boss Wrong Assessment makes his Dynamic Reflection appearance with this 4-track EP including a Shifted remix of the title track. You can hear the years of experience is in this well-produced and strongly written EP. The balance between the rolling drums and the uplifting percussion are capable of bringing listeners into a certain state of mind. The warm and melodic synths fit perfectly into many layers of each track, while Shifted gives it a more dark approach on remix duties. Wrong Assessment manages to combine the label's vision and sound authentic and refreshing at the same time, causing him to stand out with this 40th EP on Dynamic Reflection.