Timid Ocean Drawings

Dasha Rush

Record label
Deep Sound Channel
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 18th 2016


A1Ocean Sharp
B1Ocean Shy

Deep Sound Channel is starting 2014 with the multi-talented producer Dasha Rush. The clouds loom and the night approaches as "Ocean Sharp", a precise and powerful work, breaks. Complex patterns draw the listener in, Rush building the energy with acidified bars and bubbling basslines. Leaden streaks fold with piercing percussion for a post-midnight journey below. But just as ashen night turns to charcoal the dawn sun burns through the mist. "Ocean Shy" melts away the sinister echoes, eroding the darkness with an amber Ambient light. 303 swirls fade and rise against a broad and beautiful soundscape, pin pricks of toms dappling the vista. A piece of 90s inspired radiance. Coloured vinyl only release. Superb.