A Liquid State

Tom Liem

Record label
Deep Sound Channel
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 9th 2016


A1A Liquid StateTom Liem
B1A Liquid StateTom Liem remix Acronym

For the tenth instalment of Deep Sound Channel the label is going full circle, back to where it all began. ARC# inaugurated the imprint back in 2013 and now part of the collective, Tom Liem, is flying solo. Well, solo for the opening track. "A Liquid State" is a mellow, melting piece of marshy machine music. Warmth flows as clicks and clacks orbit a soft and soothing syntheline in a track that epitomises the term ambient techno. Acronym, of Northern Electronics and Semantica fame, takes over the controls for the flip. Percussion is folded and refolded, layered into itself into a hypnotic haze. Behind these blurred beats a burbling bass bulges as gentle key strokes scatter for a remix brimming with textures and intensity. Limited to 250 coloured copies.