Mawla Duga


Record label
Deep Sound Channel
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 26th 2018


A1Mawlaga Duga (KAMANMIX)
A2Mawlaga Duge (KOREMIX)

Yeelen is a brand new project forged in the heart of a forgotten past. Joe Drive, of Lux Rec fame, and Maurizio Martinucci aka TeZ aka Pragma have joined forces to sculpt, in their own words, "sonic constructions that transcend the canons of electronic music." A bold statement, but then again this is a pretty bold EP. "Techno tribalism and ritualistic soundscapes" are the bedrock from which this partnership cultivate their sound. Figures and forms of a bygone time are conjured through intoxicating drum patterns, lost lands of dense jungle and windswept hills summoned through loops and samples to ensnare and entrance. Polytheism explored through the prism of a polyphonic synth, mysticism born from machine drums; "Ethnosonology of the future."