The Saturnian System/The Sequel

Lost Trax

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 6th 2017


A1Saturnian Sun
A2The Sequel
B1Self Destruct Sequence

The Delsin re-issue arm turns its attention to Lost Trax. This EP features four cuts taken from two different EPs, The Saturnian System and Lost Trax 2 from 2006 and 2010 respectively. Saturnian System opens the EP with some acid laced electro slickness. Fluttering snares and spacey synths carry it away into the cosmos, then The Sequel gets much busier. Scurrying lines dart about in manic but funky fashion, with serene pads off setting the high energy drums. Self Destruct Sequence then drops into an urgent, slippery electronic groove riddled with squelchy sounds and rubbery bass all perfectly orchestrated. Last of all, Birth is a nimble electronic house cut with plaintive synths and kinetic drums that wiggle and wriggling through the night sky. This is an EP stuffed with timeless sounds and is another essential reissue from Delsin.