Folklore / Heckler

Naibu / Minor Rain

Record label
Dust Audio
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 10th 2012


B1HecklerMinor Rain6:23

A: NAIBU - FOLKLORE As we move on to our second release, we warmly welcome Naibu into the camp, and he certainly wastes no time in making his mark as he showcases a stunning 12inch A side debut for Dust Audio. Starting out with a melancholy string, 'Folklore' builds the suspense and proceeds to introduce tight, clean drums that step ever so precisely. The bass then drops into the procedure and is welcomed with small, subtle key changing stabs, offsetting the listener but not unsettling the dance floor. Once things get moving, Naibu seamlessly lays down the vocal without taking anything away from an already tenacious groove. An acoustic guitar gently gives the counter melody, whilst light hi hats are interspersed within the drums and percussion. Every element sits together effortlessly, ultimately creating a stunning piece of music from the well-respected Frenchman, Naibu. AA: MINOR RAIN - HECKLER On the flip we introduce a new talent by the name of Minor Rain. Hailing from Slovakia, he brings forth the 'Heckler' which starts out with an understated minimal feel. Little crackles and popping percussion begin to build around an eerie vibe which slowly flows into a brooding and moody state, dropping the listener into a perfectly engineered and unexpected two step roller. Modulated mid-range stabs sit on top of a low, clean bass that certainly does the damage when played at elevated volumes. Subtle hand claps and clicks add an extra element of precision to the tight drums and mechanical percussion. All in all, every sound sits perfectly together whilst still allowing plenty of room for the Heckler to breathe. An exciting addition to the Dust Audio roster, 2012 looks set to be a sparkling year for the Slovakian, Minor Rain.