Go To A Rave

Melamin & Wicked Sway feat. Darkelixir / Downlink feat. Depone / Dux / Excision

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 17th 2011


A1Go To A RaveMelamin & Wicked Sway feat. Darkelixir4:13
B1AntimatterDownlink feat. Depone4:56
C1Only KaosDux5:01
D1The VillageExcision5:44

Go To A Rave is the latest in the Dubline series. As Dubline has created quite a name over the last couple of years this is a special one. Not only because this double pack is already the 10th release but also because this might just be the most succesful one. The title track ''Go To A Rave'' by Melamin & Wicked Sway featuring Darkelixir sounds like a primetime radio 1 dubstep hit. Drenched with beautiful warm R&B vocals might just be that modern day classic everyone's waiting for. Of course Dubline is mostly rated for their hard and steady sounds, this is quite the crossover with commercial appeal. The second track by Downlink and Depone is again that familiair dubline sound with a staggering tough bass and a break coming in now and then. The C side ''Only Kaos'' by Dux is an absolute underground stomper with dark orchestral sounds and heavy drums. Ace material for peaktime dj's. On the D side we find ''The Village'' by Dubstep star Excision. This is some really muddy hard Dubstep heat for all those hard Dubstep peaktime dj's. All and all Dubline 10 ''Go To A Rave'' is a very diverse EP for dj's to bag.