Smashface / Test Subject

Jade feat. RymeTyme

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 28th 2012


A1SmashfaceJade feat. RymeTyme4:39
B1Test SubjectJade4:43

Featuring the rolling, techy vibes of 'Smashface' and the paranoia inducing 'Test Subject', Jade (with the help of Ryme Tyme) continues to push Eatbrain to the forefront of Neuroconnoisseurs everywhere. 'Smashface (feat. Ryme Tyme)' Beginning with an ominous intro full of dark twangs and rasping clicks, 'Smashface' revs up the tension until Jade pulls the trigger one of the meanest basslines around. A thumping subbass dominates, with precision synths and the molten, lyrical delivery of Ryme Tyme skittering over the top. A perfect blend of relentless drive, flawless production and infectious vocals, 'Smashface' comes from renowned two artists who continue to innovate. 'Test Subject' sees Jade change the pace and bring forth the darkest vibes. Featuring an intro that wouldn't seem out of place in a horrsor film, 'Test Subject' is Neurofunk at its most menacing. After an atmospheric built up, the track transforms into a sophisticated roller, with all the hallmarks of another classic Jade production. Combining unsettling synth stabs with a submerged sub and ominous pads, 'Test Subject' delivers a claustrophobic, paranoia inducing groove will find its way into only the grittiest DJ sets.