Rat Pack EP - vinyl 2

Mindscape / BTK

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 2nd 2013


A1Road RageMindscape & BTK5:20
B1Space & TimeMindscape5:20

The Hungarian madman known as Mindscape brings his trademark sound to the masses with "Road Rage EP" - the latest offering on EATBRAIN, the label from the mind of Jade. Under the creative direction of this neurofunk innovator, Eatbrain has presided over countless releases by drum & bass's finest since the label's inception in 2011. 2013 alone has seen Eatbrain work in conjunction with the likes of Telekinesis, Concord Dawn, Coppa, 2Shy, NickBee, and Teddy Killerz, while continuing to expand into a widely supported movement within drum & bass culture. Continuing the streak of quality, Mindscape joins the fold with his first solo EP on Eatbrain - Road Rage EP. The producer has been a close ally of the imprint since it's inception, having worked with Jade on tracks like 'Banshee' (Citrus Recordings), 'Orion' (Commercial Suicide), and Mindscape's own infamous remix of Jade's 'Venom' (EATBRAIN002). With "Road Rage EP", Mindscape delivers his finely tuned artistic vision to Eatbrain; grungy, innovative, riot-starting drum & bass music. Mindscape & BTK - 'Road Rage' The musical talents of Mindscape collide with those of Brazillian producer BTK in the eponymous 'Road Rage'. BTK has seen a meteoric rise to prominence over the past few years as he's continued to push the boundaries drum & bass, merging the genre's organic urban sensibility with his own local flavor. A perfect match for Mindscape's unmistakably dirty sound. 'Road Rage' wastes no time building the energy from the outset, air-like soundscapes surrounding crisp drums, faint eerie pads, and rude vocal samples cut-to-pieces with BTK's usual flare. The energy comes to a head as the duo goes in hard with raucous sub-bass, surgically precise drums and percussion, and a stabbing, chaotic reece. Variations in percussion and atmosphere are subtle and calculated; the result cannot be understated. Dynamic, ruthless vibes from Mindscape and BTK. 'Road Rage' promises to put listeners at risk of bodily injury. Mindscape - 'Space & Time' With a sense of impending terror and danger, 'Space & Time' sets the vibe with ominous dialogue and the ambiance of swarming insects. An imposing distorted bassline soon takes center stage, raising the pressure before bursting into a turbulent dance of high energy rhythms and pulsating bass vibrations. Like a mad scientist on the brink of insanity, dancefloors will remain on their toes throughout this potent neurofunk heater.