Must Eat / Vintage

Zombie Cats & Mefjus & Logam

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 14th 2014


A1Must EatZombie Cats & Mefjus5:23
B1VintageZombie Cats & Logam5:23

EATBRAIN presents the debut EP from the enigmatic production duo known as Zombie Cats - "Must Eat" EP! Having crawled from the vortex earlier this year - bursting onto the neurofunk scene with two massive tracks on Eatbrain's Tales of the Dead LP - the ultra-talented duo isn't wasting any time unleashing their next dancefloor invasion. Their latest offering sees Zombie Cats raise the pressure with four tracks, featuring top-rate collaborations and produced with the consistency and quality of seasoned veterans. Zombie Cats collude with Mefjus on the titular 'Must Eat', an eerie dancefloor concoction replete with sinister whispers, heavy rhythms and futuristic sound design. Classic Eatbrain vibes. Atlanta, USA-based Logam features on the weighty 'Vintage', while Kryptomedic leaves his mark on the ruthlessly technical 'Upgrade'. Zombie Cats rounds the EP out with the diverse neuro stepper 'Moments of Truth'. True versatility from this fast-rising duo, who are proving to be a powerful force in drum & bass. Individually, the Zombie Cats each bring the heat; if you look around, they have been for years. But together, the producers form something greater (and scarier) than the sum of its parts. Take a look, if you dare. Eatbrain presents: Zombie Cats.