The Order / Dangerous Materials

Agressor Bunx

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 29th 2016


A1The Order5:22
B1Dangerous Materials5:19

2015 was a year that catapulted EATBRAIN deep into the awareness of the drum and bass scene and concreted their place as one of the most crucial and influential labels in the forward-thinking neuro genre. Their first release of 2016 lands an effective blow with AGRESSOR BUNX at the helm, with these upcoming producers illustrating their production expertise in diving into sinister depths of dnb tech to manifest THE ORDER EP. Within the bowels of the earth lies a place where the dark energy dwells - a point at which unrivaled power flows through the shadowy conduits of timeless technology. At these depths dwells a race of faceless beings - THE ORDER - with the unique ability to twist and forge the strands of potent power into the complex audio forms of a new wave of neurofunk.