Endlich Normale Menschen Vol.1

Various Artists

Record label
Ear Clip Series
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 6th 2020


A1...nicht als ein tropfender AusgussVamilienfa†er3:42
A2Mit verbunden Augen durch den Dschungel der LiebeF. Æmbient3:22
A3Die Primitivitat meines FingersPoperttelli5:09
B1La danza del ferroDame Area3:41
B2Liquid VersionSimas Okas6:03
C1Holy VoidAiraboi6:10
C2Everything is not okBlume Attempt3:52
C3Die blaue Orange pressenJean-Luc5:40
D2SchabernackAriel Jardin et Johannes Dullin6:02

E.N.M. steht fur Endlich Normale Menschen (E.N.M. stands for finally normal people, editor's note). This double opus, compiled by Low Bat, can be considered as a collection of friendships and encounters, where phlegmatism and melomania are intertwined. It includes tracks by F. Aembient or Vamilienfater, two sheet metal artists from the Berlin experimental scene with their respective labels, Kashual Plastik and Bohemian Drips, as well as a track by Dame Area, a Barcelona duo that Low Bat booked during their 4 years of Berlin penitence. The nine tracks oscillate between two main lines. The first record offers to discover a palette of more introspective feelings, where twilight layers cross broken rhythms and almost acidic progressions. The second, on the other hand, allows one to step by step to break away from this approach and look at introspection in a different way, alternating between unbridled joy (4K - Schabernak) and consistent melancholy (3H by Blume Attempt).