Drawn 2 U EP [vinyl only / printed sleeve]


Record label
Empirical Magnetism
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 4th 2019


A1 Drawn 2 U BLENT
A2 Drawn 2 U BLENT remix Ali X
B1 Drawn 2 U BLENT remix dOP

Cedric K Gasaida aka Starving Yet Full (singer of former Canadian band Azari & III) and Victor Karzalov (half of Russian duo BYPASS), are about to release their first vinyl EP, Drawn 2 U, under the moniker BLENT, on newly launched French label Empirical Magnetism. Swinging between dub- & deep-techno, minimal and deep-house, BLENT's Drawn 2 U A-Side, lulled by Starving Yet Full's androgynous vocals, is the kind of song that is gut-wrenching to the listener, taking the audience to a dimension overflowing with deep and dark sexual feelings. On the B-side, Ali X (also a member of the late Azari & III) is delivering a rather sinister and haunted techno remix - distinguishing himself nicely from the original, whereas French band dOP unveils a fairly more melodic and dancefloororiented interpretation while keeping the essence of what makes Drawn 2 U so unique. Cover printed on 350g/m2 uncoated white paper, coated white inside. More info on www.electronlibremusic.com