Drawn 2 U EP [remixes]


Record label
Empirical Magnetism
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 4th 2019


A1Drawn 2 UBLENT remix Luca Cazal & SLF
A2Drawn 2 UBLENT remix DJ W!LD
B1Drawn 2 UBLENT remix OID & Anrilov
B2Drawn 2 UBLENT remix Bypass

Empirical Magnetism is back with a remix series of BLENT's "Drawn 2 U" EP (EM02) released in August 2018. On the occasion of EM02(BIS), Empirical Magnetism and Electron Libre Music Group are glad to introduce Luca Cazal & SLF to you, and to welcome back DJ W!LD, OID & Anrilov, Bypass on board. BLENT is a Moscow-based duet composed by Cedric K Gasaida aka Starving Yet Full (singer of former Canadian band Azari & III) and Victor Karzalov (half of Russian duo Bypass).