Entity 002

Shai Spooner & Jordan Dessar

Record label
Entity : London
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 3rd 2017


A1Balanced Diversity6:34
A2Soul Dub6:41
B1Balanced Diversityremix Fabe6:58

Following up the Entity crew's first release comes another residents EP, with two tracks from Shai Spooner + Jordan Dessar and a stellar remix from Mannheim's finest, Fabe. Staying true to their London-centric sound, tracks "Balanced Diversity" and "Soul Dub" are peppered with references to UK Garage, Breakbeat and House, further helping the young label establish their soundscape. The release is topped off by Fabe's remix of "Balanced Diversity", a rocket of a track primed for the dancefloor and set to be an anthem. The perfect icing on the cake for this second, really strong release from Entity.