Collaboration EP Volume 1

Fergie & Reset Robot & Alan Fitzpatrick

Record label
8 Sided Dice
Catalog Number
ESD 006
Release Date
March 2nd 2009


A1Gas Mask

It is not perhaps surprising perhaps that when three producers come together who naturally gravitate towards differing points on the techno spectrum that the result is a balance that slots neatly half way up the scale. Rollin, tech house rhythms give Gas Mask a mid-set feel but the intensity of the distinctive scary siren noises push this track towards more peak-time deployment. Rattlesnake takes a more straightforward approach to knocking the dancefloor over. Punchy, relentless rhythms and razor-sharp snares are joined by a warped, undulating bassline that booms along behind a well-chosen armory of effects. The lead hook comes courtesy of a crowd-destroying rising siren sound that teases in and out of the main break then lets rip at full force.