Octagon Gate

Marko Nastic

Record label
Easy Tiger
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 25th 2017


A1Octagon Gate [Original Mix]Marko Nastic9:31
A2Octagon Gate [Beatless Mix]Marko Nastic2:09
B1Monday Surfing [Original Mix]Marko Nastic10:33
B2Monday Surfing [Beatless Mix]Marko Nastic3:10

Driven by passion for quality music, Easy Tiger came to life in 2011. as a contemporary party series. It was born from the idea and the desire to offer something fresh to Belgrade's electronic music scene. Delving deeper into musical endeavours, Marko Nastic blends his essential quirky, modular soundscapes into two dancefloor oriented tracks. On his new vinyl only imprint, Marko promises further explorations of the genre; Octagon Gate being the primary example of the abstract tendencies. The second side cut, Monday Surfing, brings some intricately programmed rhythms, keeping the dancefloor dynamics integrated with intricate synths and subtle pads. The first release on his own new Easy Tiger series is all about future thinking house music.