Heathers Hot Waffles / New Cons

Chris Inperspective / Calibre

Record label
Exit Recordings
Catalog Number
EXIT 013
Release Date
November 17th 2008


A1Heathers Hot Waffles
B1New Cons

Quality control is the highest priority for D-Bridge and EXIT013 brings us more amazing music, design, & packaging. First to the turntable is Heather's Hot Waffles Pure rolling Bukem goodness, this track has the spirit of Speed, but sounds so so fresh today. Chris Inperspective and his Inperspective Records, a Label synonymous with innovation in electronica. Chris started the now legendary Technicality Nights in October 2001. These nights came to be known for definitively delivering some of the hottest, freshest sounds in the genre, adding new breaks and influences that had not been heard before. The on the flipside we have such a unique track from the man like Calibre. Dark & Moody roller with that distorted Guitar!. A vibe that you cant quite put your finger on... its definitely not Pendulum! DJ plays from Hype, Marcus Intalex, Alix Perez