A Love I Can't Explain [Remixes]


Record label
Exit Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 26th 2019


A1Nachtlus dBridge remix The Fear Ratio
B1They LoveddBridge feat. They Live & Poison Arrow remix Kahn

Exit Records expands on dBridge' sophomore album A Love I Can't Explain with two new interpretations by The Fear Ratio (James Ruskin & Mark Broom) and Kahn. In keeping with the label's ethos the artists were left alone to deliver remixes without any stylistic requests and as a result we have two tracks that are personal & uncompromising. dBridge has been a firm supporter of both Kahn and TFR so it's very fitting that Exit Records releases TFR's debut remix and Kahn's rework, which repurposes what you thought you knew about him as an artist. The ALICE remixes are another leap forward for Exit Records.