The Juices vol.1

PennyGiles / Eveson

Record label
Fizzy Beats
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 30th 2012


A1Au Revoir Blackbird!PennyGiles6:00
B1Make Luv 2NightEveson5:18

Fizzy Beats presents The Juices Series. With summer creeping up, it's time to pop open something refreshing for your taste buds. Fizzy presents The Juices - 4 volumes of carbonated fizziness. Volume 1 brings together 6 of the hottest producers in the drum and bass world for the digital release; Eveson, Chris Inperspective, Andyskopes, Mr Joseph, Pennygiles and Paul T. Specially picked for vinyl: PennyGiles and Eveson. Au Revoir Blackbird! is a vocal based jazzy tune with an hardstepping breakbeat, suitable for the beach and afterparty at the club. Make Luv 2Night, is on a deeper vibe. Still beautiful though, this is a roller pur sang laced with a female singing Make Luv 2Night. Innit.